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Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

ADELI: 94 93 1700


tel: +33 (0)

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Why resort to a Psychologist?


The hazards of life expose us all to moments of affliction, of grief and of discontent. There are times when our own personal resources are not sufficient to overcome the ordeals we face, times which leave us feeling distressed and powerless. Self-reflection leading to personal growth often prove to be essential steps in one's need to move forward. Resorting to a specialist of psychological health may not only help promote the positive outcome of such trials, but also prove to be determinant to self-development in general.

Services provided by Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard


Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard is a fully qualified Psychologist and Psychotherapist, practising in the region of Paris and offering diverse therapeutic possibilities for adults:

  • psychological counselling, support, care and therapy

  • support group therapy

  • groups with a mediation object

  • team talks and supervisions on psychosocial hazards in corporate settings

Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard offers personalised and confidential psychological services. His approach, based on the clinical tradition of  Sprechkur (or "Speech Cure"), is centred on the acknowledgement of the singularity of the person, with the help of a paradigm allowing affects, feelings and experiences to be elaborated within a neutral and secure environment.

He consults at his private practice as well as on-line. His private practice is located next to the City Hall of Vincennes, near the historic landmark of Château of Vincennes, and is easily accessible from both Paris intra-muros as well as from Ile-de-France. All sessions are on appointment.

Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard is completely bilingual, with native proficiency in both English and French. He is well acquainted with international clients and patients.

Experience, national directory and diplomas

Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard currently works as a certified Psychologist and Psychotherapist in private practice as well as within international and intergovernmental organisations. He is also a member of the Eutelmed international telehealth provider. He has also extensive experience working with expatriates in France and abroad, as well as extensive clinical experience with various types of psychological issues due to his work in several psychiatric establishments in both the public and private sectors. Past experiences as Psychologist include Clinique Jeanne d'Arc of saint Mandé, the Maison de Santé de Nogent-sur-Marne, the Maison de Santé d'Epinay-sur-Seine and the Clinique de la Gaillardière of Vierzon.

He is furthermore registered both as Psychologist and Psychotherapist on the ADELI national directory of health practitioners under n°94 93 1700.

He is an alumnus of two of the finest schools of clinical psychology in France, Paris 7 University and of Lyon 2 University, having studied with renown Professors including René Roussillon, Albert Ciccone, Nathalie Dumet, Paul-Laurent Assoun,  and Olivier Douville. Additionally, Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard holds a Masters degree in English from Lyon 3 University.

Issues dealth with
Issues dealt with


Alexandre Chiappa-Ménard provides his expertise and competence throughout a broad range of issues in relation with psychological and emotional life, as in the following clinical examples:


  • ephemeral depressive states and loss of vital drive and momentum

  • feelings of loneliness, abandonment and rejection

  • stress, fears and anxieties of every day life

  • relationship difficulties

  • challenges within  institutional settings or corporate environments

  • personnel and team management issues

  • work-related syndromes, such as stress, overworking and burnout

  • accompaniment and psychotherapeutic care related to workplace psychosocial hazards

  • motivational difficulties

  • low self-esteem and self-confidence, or poor self-image

  • affective or sexual developmental disorders

  • medically acknowledged mood disorders (depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorders...)

  • loss, separation and mourning

  • questions related to developmental separation-individuation

  • victims of injustice, intimidation or harm

  • family issues (intergenerational and transgenerational)

  • issues of international nature

  • issues related to expatriation, migration, or exile

  • recurrent physical and bodily sensations and feelings (vertigo, headaches, nausea, postural tremors...)

  • victims and/or witnesses of ill-treatment, abuse and violence

  • psychological or physical trauma provoking disabling pain and distress (PTSD)

  • war traumas, sequelae and injuries

  • obsessive-compulsive disorders

  • victims of sexual abuse

  • addictive behaviour (alcohol, toxics, eating disorders, compulsive shopping and gambling, computer addiction...)

  • some psychotic syndromes

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